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Arsenio Levanti

Westgate Vacation Villas & Town Center Resort

Arsenio Levanti

Arsenio keeps things looking their best as a Landscaping Manager at Westgate Vacation Villas & Town Center Resort.

Any guest or team member only needs to drive near the front of the resort to catch a glimpse of how the landscaping at a resort makes that initial first impression.  Arsenio and his team, under the direction of the Landscaping Director, maintain that first impression every day.

Arsenio became a citizen of the United States in 2018.  He continues to learn about the country too, taking his family on vacations to historic areas around the United States, to continue learning about the growth of our young country.  It is his interest in all countries that helped him to help other cultures work together when he was in the military.  People who would not talk to each other, were soon talking and working together because of Arsenio’s leadership.  He still does the same thing today as Landscaping Manager.  He brings people together, enjoys helping others and always looks for ways to help team members improve themselves.

Arsenio was not always a Landscaping Manager.  When he first started working at the resort, he joined as a contractor, working as a Houseman in the Housekeeping Department.  A few short months later Arsenio joined the Westgate Resort family as a Housekeeping Inspector.  He continued to grow, becoming a second shift Housekeeping Supervisor, then a first shift Housekeeping Supervisor, and then finally a Housekeeping Manager.  It was there that Arsenio developed many relationships with the owners and guests, that kept them returning year after year.

Anytime there was a complaint, Arsenio would meet with the guest, listen carefully to everything they had to say, and then get to know and understand the guest better, so that he could make a connection to find a solution to their problem.  The guests appreciated this very much and were always much happier and ready for a relaxing vacation after meeting Arsenio.

It was Arsenio’s dedication to helping others that led him to become a Landscaping Manager.  One day, he was assisting a Housekeeping Contractor, showing that person how to apply for a job to become a Westgate Team Member, when he noticed there was an opening for a Landscaping Manager.  This was something that appealed to Arsenio, so he applied.  After several interviews, he succeeded and became a Landscaping Manager, where he has been for almost seven years.

As the Landscaping Manager, his focus has been to support the Landscaping Director and the team, to show leadership more so than being a boss.  When you have a good team, you can set a goal and reach it, and as a result, create beautiful landscapes to be enjoyed by everyone.  Arsenio is a true model of hospitality.