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The CFHLA Political Action Committee and CFHLA Political Committee are bi-partisan committees that protect the interests of the hospitality and tourism industry, by educating and our mobilizing our members to become more politically active, as well as supporting candidates who pro-tourism and pro-hospitality.

Through candidate interviews, these committees help elect state and local candidates who support the lodging industry and strengthen the Central Florida lodging industry’s political voice.

In 2022, our CFHLA PAC and PC endorsed 16 bipartisan candidates throughout the general election and all of those 16 candidates, our PAC/PC scored a 100% success rate with all 16 winning their respective elections. This is on top of the five that won their primary races outright in August.

To serve on the CFHLA PAC/PC Board of Directors, you must be nominated by a current CFHLA PAC/PC Board of Director and be an annual contributor to the CFHLA PAC/PC.