CHAIRMAN:  Brian Comes, Hyatt Regency Orlando
VICE CHAIRMAN: Louis Robbins, Former CFHLA Chairman
SECRETARY / TREASURER: Barb Bowden, Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando

Next Foundation Board Meeting

Date:  Friday, October 8, 2021
Time:  12Noon
Location: CFHLA Offices

For your information, the CFHLA Foundation, a separate State of Florida Business and a 501 (c) (3) organization was created in 2009 to serve as the "Giving Arm" of CFHLA.

Foundation Board of Directors:

Chairman - Brian Comes Hyatt Regency Orlando - Former CFHLA Chairman
Vice Chairman - Louis Robbins Former CFHLA Chairman
Secretary / Treasurer - Barb Bowden Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando
David Bartek Loews Hotels - Former CFHLA Chairman
Dennis BeMent Former CFHLA Chairman
Ron Caimano Former CFHLA Chairman
Ruthann DiLauri Minuteman Press
Michael Garro Loews Hotels
Maureen Haggerty Spinout Guest Laundries
Peter Kacheris Former CFHLA Chairman
Fred Sawyers Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek / Waldorf Astoria Orlando - Former CFHLA Chairman
Gerald Urquiola Former CFHLA Chairman
Duane Winjum The Plaza Resort and Spa - Former CFHLA Chairman

Mission Statement:

"To enrich an environment where the hospitality community in Central Florida can grow and thrive."

Giving Statement:

"The CFHLA Foundation donates to advance Hospitality and Tourism Initiatives, youth-related causes and community advocacy."

Donation / Giving Philosophy:

"The CFHLA Foundation serves as the exclusive "donation provider" for all association charitable giving."