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Angelina Cortez

Pets2Go International

Angelina Cortez

Meet Angelina Cortez, the CEO of Pets2Go International, and one of our final members of the CFHLA Leadership Mentoring Program, Class II.

Angelina began her career in the hospitality industry after leaving the U.S. Army, when she created and founded PETS2GO! International, Inc. - a pet product and services company with a true passion for pets on the go.

As a frequent traveler, Angelina often had to make the difficult decision whether to bring her furry friends along or leave them at home. She always opted to bring them; however, she quickly found that traveling with pets could be quite an ordeal.

After several tough trips with her pets, Angelina saw a need and created a realistic and elegant solution for hotels and resorts. Now twenty years later, her company creates safe, comfortable, and enjoyable travel experiences for pet owners and their pets, by connecting and aligning the pet traveling public with pet-friendly places, fostering safety and service standards, training solutions, and producing convenient, fun and healthy tools, toys and products. She also enjoys working with visionary leaders within the hospitality industry, who understand the guests’ needs and are open to creating new financial opportunities for hoteliers to generate new streams of revenue.

As a part of the Leadership Mentoring Program, Angelina has connected with several of our members who have been extremely helpful in expanding the footprint of pet amenities within the Central Florida hospitality industry.

Moving forward, Angelina hopes to continue operating on a global scale by providing major hotel brands with pet amenity gift packs and other pet related amenities. Additionally, she hopes to provide effective pet related leadership training and programs that are simple to implement with minimal training. Lastly, Angelina hopes to be top of mind within the hospitality industry, as the foremost thought leader in pet travel and accommodations.