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Seilly Pacheco

Celebration Hotel

Seilly Pacheco

Say hello to our latest CFHLA Heart of Hospitality spotlight, Seilly Pacheco, Director of Rooms at the Celebration Hotel.

Seilly joined the Vision Hospitality Group in October 2022 and has quickly become at integral part of the team.

Everyone who meets Seilly is enamored with her warm greeting to every guest and associate that she encounters.  She approaches each day with a post on the company's social page with a "Personal Recipe for Success."  She wakes up with a "To Be List" instead of a "To Do List."   She wants her entire team to win and it’s her competitive spirit gets everyone excited.

Seilly began her career as a room attendant, quickly becoming a superstar!  From there her career path led to Front Office Operations, AGM, and most recently Director of Rooms at Celebration Hotel.

Her enthusiasm to meet any obstacle is refreshing to see in the hospitality industry. Seilly's many talents include horticulture, and she takes care of all of the plants in the entrance area and surrounding terraces of the hotel.  She has gone as far as giving each plant a name!

She takes ownership of everything that she touches, and an entertaining knack for creating catchphrases. One of her favorites is, "We need to Visionize all of our team." Leading the way to becoming the best, most respected, hotel company in America.

Understanding the power of loyalty with Marriott Bonvoy Members, Seilly led her team into writing personal handwritten notes for many of the Bonvoy guests.  Her team created a Bonvoy Reception to give the leadership team an opportunity to meet Bonvoy Members who were staying in the hotel.

Community Service is very important to the team and Seilly has volunteered for multiple events representing Celebration Hotel, recently volunteering for DECA on behalf of Marriott to mentor upcoming hospitality superstars.